As an incoming student at MU, you will be assigned a full-time faculty member who will serve as your adviser. This one-on-one advisement and guidance will help you design the course of study best suited to meet your career objectives.

Your adviser will help answer other questions you may have about life at MU. Special courses designed specifically for freshmen and sophomores will allow you to work with and to establish close relationships with faculty throughout the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR).

Your adviser works closely with the CAFNR Career Services office to assist you in choosing career options and preparing you for internships and permanent employment.

Your adviser is available to help you plan your career by:

  • Helping you set career objectives.
  • Assisting you in selecting courses to meet career objectives and graduation requirements.
  • Answering questions about academic rules.
  • Assisting you with academic problems.
  • Alerting you about job opportunities.
  • Encouraging you to advance your career through internships, co-op programs, co-curricular activities, undergraduate research, etc.

Make the best use of the adviser system by:

  • Getting to know your adviser as soon as you arrive on campus and get his/her telephone number/email address.
  • Asking your adviser for help when developing your career plans, not just signing registration forms.
  • Always calling for an appointment to be sure the adviser is there and has reserved time for you.
  • If for any reason you want to change advisers, go to the department administrative office and request a different adviser.

Because faculty have other obligations, be sure to call ahead for an appointment.

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