Distance Education

Courses are offered through distance education in conjunction with the University of Nebraska, Kansas State University and Iowa State University.

Chemical Application Systems: Systems, components, operation practices, and safety procedures used in the chemical application industry. Liquid and granular application systems and respective components will be studied along with procedures for equipment sizing and maintenance, minimizing drift, system calibration, and safe handling-transporting-storage-disposal and spill cleanup of agrichemicals.

Machinery Management Using Precision Agriculture Technology: Tractor Issues, Planters, Fertilizer Application Equipment, Sprayers, Manure Application Equipment, Combines – Harvesting Equipment and Custom Application vs. Private Application.

Energy, Economy, and the Environment: This course links energy use with key environmental issues of pollution, consumption, and population and offers students a range of material needed for making informed decisions about energy and sustainable economic growth. Topics to be covered include: efficiency and conservation, culture and energy consumption, future energy needs and resources, environmental impacts of energy use, energy and sustainable economic growth, and energy security. Prerequisite: Instructor consent, college algebra.

Agricultural Safety: three-hour online course. Examine safety and health concepts, principles, practices, rules, and regulations as they relate to the agriculture, forestry, and fishery industry. The goal is to increase the knowledge and skill levels of students as a practical and applied course for those who wish to return to the farm or for those who will enter a wide variety of careers in the agricultural sector. Prerequisite: Junior standing or instructor permission, technical and professional skills for online coursework.

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