Dealership Management Program: Internship


  • Understand a broad spectrum of management activities in a dealership.


  • Plan and evaluate a demonstration program for a given piece of equipment.
  • Generate a customer profile for a portion of, or all customers.
  • Follow up on sales of new or used complete goods, parts or service.
  • Develop a special tool inventory and check out system.
  • Create a parts department index for dealer personnel to use while assisting a customer when purchasing parts without serial numbers.
  • Develop a used equipment check sheet and cost sheet inventory system to aid the sales department in establishing actual cost versus selling price and include in service records.
  • Develop a system for waste disposal and proper handling of toxic chemicals. (This might include an OSHA survey prior to the student coming to the dealership and include any recommendations for improvements).
  • Develop a merchandising plan for the show room and display lot.
  • Lay out an in-house floor plan to use existing floor space more efficiently.
  • Perform a customer market survey.
  • Given the current customer base at the dealership, prepare a report on proper equipment sizing for customers in the dealer's trade area.

Reporting and Feedback

  • Summarize the internship experience in a written report and oral presentation to fellow students, agricultural systems management faculty and dealership personnel.