Faculty and Staff

Meet the Faculty

Steven C. Borgelt Steven C. Borgelt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Robert Broz Robert Broz
Assistant Extension Professor and Water Quality Program Director
David Brune David Brune, Ph.D.
Dan Downing Dan Downing
Associate Extension Professor
Karen Funkenbusch Karen Funkenbusch
Rob Kallenach Rob Kallenbach, Ph.D.
Asst. Dean, Program Leader for Ag & Nat Res Ext, Dir Comm Ag
Newell Kitchen Newell Kitchen, Ph.D.
Associate Adjunct Professor
Teng Teeh Lim Teng Teeh Lim, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Extension Professor
Brian Robertson Brian Robertson
Leon Schumacher Leon Schumacher, Ph.D.
Program Chair, Professor
Kenneth Sudduth Kenneth Sudduth, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Jinglu Tan Jinglu Tan, Ph.D.
Director of FSB, Chair & James C. Dowell Professor of Bioengineering
Allen Thompson Allen Thompson, Ph.D.
Jianfeng Zhou Jianfeng Zhou
Assistant Professor
Joseph Zulovich Joseph Zulovich, Ph.D.
Assistant Extension Professor

Meet the Staff

Luke Akers Luke Akers, M.Ed.
Academic Advisor, Division of FSB
Photo Unavailable Misty Grant
Office Support Assistant IV